She had painted her fingernails a pale shade

  • She had painted her fingernails a pale shade of purple, and was now moving onto her toes.
  • "So, what'd'ya want?" she questioned, popping a piece of bubble gum. "You walk in with your dick out and you expect me to know huh?" she says, finishing painting one of her toes.
  • "I-I thought it was obvious." She finally looks up and raises an eyebrow, her pale blue eyes as cold as a winter gust. "Put that thing back where it came from or so help me," she
  • said. "I will RIP your lips off and you'll have NO more cookies!" A gasp was heard and the minnehoonies dispersed. "But-but what off ice cream?" Asked the queen, quivering in her
  • spangled up-do. A powdered jackanape rushed after the minnehoonies but they had already eaten he icecream. They were executed by he queen and it would be happy ever after except
  • her queen overruled he queen, revoked his estrangement, & commanded he queen to her boudoir. He queen rebelled & half the realm went with him. In the Marat Baths he queen plotted.
  • "I will pretend I have been stabbed in the bath," plotted He-Queen, "and then when She-Queen orders my body removed, I'll jump up and say: Fools!" That would really piss her off.
  • But the best laid plans of mice and men… The He-Queen played dead in the bath, stabbed; the She-Queen undressed, slid down into the tub, saying, “When you’re done playing, wash my
  • butt." You see, the He and She Queens had such an intimate and trusting relationship that such a request was entirely reasonable in this context. "Ok, fine. But this knife in my
  • Trousers spreads open like a flower and becomes a spinning cutting disc." Unbeknownst to them, this was the secret code which eliminated intolerance in the West. They were free now


  1. Woab Aug 18 2019 @ 14:49

    - free of their limbs, free of their lives. A lone toe with its toenail painted purple lay upon the cold, tile floor as a grim remnant of life gone amok.

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