I am a prodigy. That's what they call me

  • I am a prodigy. That's what they call me now. I am no longer Samantha Alberts. I have changed, crowned with power. I am
  • miserable. that's probably the last thing you expected me to say... but it's true. the people who act like they are smarter than me, but they aren't, bossing me around disgust me.
  • I pretend that their arrogance & condescension doesn't bother me. My sunny disposition cloaks my true feelings. It's true that I warble out "Have a nice day!" all of the time, but
  • in my irritable bowels, I suppress a cyclone of arrogance & condescension that would traumatize even the more tolerant people in the office. After today, the asshole ME takes over.
  • I really didn't like being the asshole. Unfortunately I was very good at being the asshole. People would be stupid on purpose, i think, just to see me be an asshole to them. For
  • all I know, this asshole-ish attitude might be in my DNA, inherited from my great-grandfather who, according to family lore, was touring the US as part of a freak circus in 1856.
  • "See the man with 6 buttholes!" cried the circus barker. Thus began my great-grandpa's illustrious career, first with a fertilizer company, then as a drug mule able to smuggle huge
  • quantities of contraband across national borders. But Great-great Grandad (I called him Poppers) didn't realize the true potential of his six rectums until he joined an ocarina
  • quintet. He could play all 5 ocarinas himself with 5 of his rectums & still had 1 rectum left to be the MC. Thing was, Poppers still had just 2 hands, which made fingering the oca
  • rinas challenging. In the end, it was his acclaimed musical based on Gone with the Wind that turned him into an inspirational figure for all polyrectums people of his generation.


  1. IceSquad Jun 10 2020 @ 06:56

    Bravo! Encore!

  2. Woab Jun 12 2020 @ 13:36

    I concur with IceSquad. Marvelously entertaining.

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