Jean's choir robe had snagged on the corner

  • Jean's choir robe had snagged on the corner of the pew, causing her to stumble between amens. "Jesus Christ!" She'd said it out loud, then noted Father Fister's disapproval.
  • But then, Jesus Himself descended from the heavens, got Jean back to her feet, dusted her off, mended her robe, then raised his arms and said, "Be more careful next time."
  • That Jesus is a very nice fellow and Jean was grateful. She remembered a night.... well, no point dwelling on that. Jean was grateful for the second chance and more determined to
  • prove her father wrong than ever. Jean set off into the mines with a mind to put in a good day's work for a good day's pay. She'd hauled up 22 buckets by time for first break but w
  • -ow was there a lot of pig blood to be carried up here she thought. Jean realized that this would make enough blood pudding to feed the girls at the boarding school.
  • But three days later, she was horrified to discover the corpse of a student inverted in the cauldron. Jean screamed, drawing the resident nuns, Sean Connery, and Christian Slater.
  • Sean connery and christian slater grabbed jean and shoved her into the cauldron. They turned up the heat and jeans skin turned black and her flesh peeled of her bones. Sean
  • Connery pulled the plug on the gigantic machine. It made a very loud noise. The temperature inside it rose to a point where it exploded. Sean Connery hid in the next room.
  • When it looked like the ceiling was about to collapse Mitty dove into a mousehole in the wall. Rakitta rakitta rakitta was the sound made by his janitor's keys when they hit the
  • ceiling fan, which by then was about two inches from the floor. Mitty felt his heart beating, kunka kunka kunka, and then it went squee, then huff. Mitty was dead as a dormouse.


  1. LordVacuity Jan 12 2017 @ 16:30

    Mitty never did tell us the name of the rose.

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