When Max was randomly dispatched by a reckless

  • When Max was randomly dispatched by a reckless driver, it fell to Daisy to take up the mantle of the avatar of the Dog of Death. Yes, Death had a dog, and it was a labradoodle.
  • Death's dog was named Fuzzy Wuzzy, not exactly what you'd call a fearsome death hound but more of a friend to cuddle after a long day ending lives. Death's one weakness was
  • cake. The best bakery was on the corner of his street but if he went there to get some, the baker would die and he'd never get that cake again. He had some before from a dumpster
  • fire on a bed of smoldering Michelin, though the integrity of the cake was compromised by the hobo footprint that smushed the "irth" in "Happy Birthday". The baker's mortality
  • actuarial calculations were in question. The international reinsurance system was panicked. "This is impossible," a horrified Ban-ki Moon told his dissatisfied masters. Mercy was
  • not acceptable in the Cobra Kai dojo. Bank-ki Moon turned to Miyagi and said, "Let's go." Then Miyagi stops him, the Cobra Kai Sensai gets eyeball to eyeball with Miyagi and says
  • "if you are really practicing martial art, Miyagi San, then you should know that peace and war can be different or similar in many aspects". Miyagi smiled. "At least you learned
  • something here today." Miyagi San was confused, but nodded anyway so as not to appear foolish. What Miyagi San really learned was that he no longer wanted to practice martial arts.
  • Miyagi San had discovered that he had a real flair for drinking sugary tea and watching daytime TV. Just thinking about martial arts exhausted him. He donated his black belt to
  • the salvation army and settled further into his recliner. Posthumously, Miyagi became a master of Zen Tuber-Tao, action through inaction. Balance.


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