Lately, scuba divers off the coast of the

  • Lately, scuba divers off the coast of the "Sea of Mysterious Disappearances" have disappeared. Captain Apparition settled on his fishing boat to investigate.
  • He dropped a line with a divesuit & a go-cam in the murky depths hooked it to his laptop tipped his hat & lit his pipe. Capt. Apparition said "Its the Kraken or I'll eat my hat."
  • He waited. All he saw on the screen was greenish brown. Suddenly, he noticed a movement. Just a fish. Did the Kraken really exist?
  • "Of course the Kraken doesn't exist!" his colleague spat, pointing at the murky water with her flipper. "Come on, Nessy," he responded, sighing. "You have to believe."
  • The loaded agenda previously hidden was suddenly in full view. Nessy, needless to say, was silent.
  • Yep.
  • That was all I knew. Leading me to think about the time and figure out my next step in order to
  • place my order, because it was time, I figured, to think about something else. Afterwards, I felt bereft. Where had the time gone? I then knew...I didn't know. 20 years later,
  • and here I am, still working at the same post office, but with two decades worth of tending to whining clients under my belt. Glancing around the diner, I fingered the Glock in my
  • pocket and with a quick look at the clock in the wall, I realized, 'I'm already 65!' I may go home.


  1. BlastedHeath Feb 09 2016 @ 19:41

    I would like to offer my apologies and sincere regret for my brief fold, which -- with two others that evening -- was written in a state of perhaps unwarranted irritation.

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