Joe was surprised when he saw the sand whirlpool.

  • Joe was surprised when he saw the sand whirlpool. He didn't think those existed outside of video games, and definitely not in the middle of a volleyball field.
  • in a whirl of sand he was whirled through the air for several days with nothing but sand for food. Joe landed on the west coast of America with all his sandy friends.
  • He was incredibly thirsty, having eaten nothing but sand for days, but as result of the sand whirlwind there was a great drought throughout America. Joe suffered immensely.
  • He walked through the desert for what felt like days, and just when he was at the verge of death a huge sinkhole spread under Joe's feet, submerging him in his dark deep waters .
  • He struggled to reach the surface, gasped for breath, then dove deep in the cool wet. Sopping wet Joe walked further and stumbled on a palm tree. Coconuts! It was an Oasis!
  • Unbidden, Sopping Wet Joe fell to his knees. What a lovely bunch of coconuts. The fibrous exterior greeted his numbed palms as a lost lover in a haystack. Cracked lips
  • kissed his. He pushed the donkey away, but it persisted with a twinkle in its eye. "Love me," said the donkey. Sopping Wet Joe could only
  • stare at the ass, now wiggling in his face. Sopping Wet Joe shut his eyes. "LOVE ME!" the ass said, now insistent, and just a shade threatening. SW Joe's resistance was wavering.
  • He couldn't resist donkeys. He was salivating. He really wanted to now buy this donkey.
  • With a racing heart and a tepid duoedenum, (the duoedenum is the part of the digestive track that exits the stomach), he stared at the ground and thought: "I'll miss my bus."


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