"Now, eyes focused on me. Keep your ams out

  • "Now, eyes focused on me. Keep your ams out from your sides as far as you can. The rope is right in front of you. Take it easy. Breathe. I said DON'T LOOK DOWN!"
  • I don't know why but I looked down anyway. I found myself shell-shocked and unable to move. I realized that it was me just being nervous and that I had to move forward.
  • Because behind me was a very hungry obese person that smelled me and since I ate a hamburger he thought I was a snack so I began to move faster and faster but ahead of me was a.
  • brick wall. I could see the person behind me saying "MMM HAMBURGER!!" while staring at me. I'll only add another 120 to his 300 in weight. I realized I can get past this wall by
  • following a rather large, red Pitcher of Kool-Aid with legs. He gets through walls easily, so I walked behind him. Clumsily I gave him a flat tire. That really pissed him off and
  • soon Hulk Hogan smashed through another wall nearby asking my class to snap into a Slim Jim. And THEN Capt. Lou Albano broke through another wall shouting, "DO THE MARIO!" Panic.
  • I'd kill that bastard for selling me this acid. What was I thinking? I tried to keep it together staring at the head of the student in front of me the whole room melting, Albano
  • , Italy was the birthplace of the modern ball bearing..." the prof yammered on. Why was that guy looking at me? Christ, they can tell I'm on acid, can't they! Keep it together man.
  • After class the prof approached me and simply asked, "Are you on acid?" I couldn't even speak. He continued, "'Cause that's OK. I am too. Hey, what are you doing this weekend?"
  • Once again the prof was trying to get down with the kids. The graffiti in the bathroom was probably true too. I didn't know what to do, I just wasn't ready to hang out with him.


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