After the incident, Big Dummy was apprehensive

  • After the incident, Big Dummy was apprehensive to reclaim his captain's seat aboard the Dummy Bus. Every passenger was silently mocking him, especially the damned Beagles. Moe was
  • getting a bowl cut while Larry went in for his typical bi-lateral perm. Curly was smelling his fingers in the corner. He said, "I'm thinking but nothing's happening!?!?!" Then
  • suddenly Curly screamed, "wait a minute!" The stylists and patrons turning their attention his way. Why did I just say that thought Curly. Now everyone is looking at me. What
  • time of the say is it when people start falling
  • out of their hot air balloons. If only they could hang on a bit longer, they might be able to make it to the other side of the Grand Canyon. But, the threat of rain made it
  • far too frightening. Their palms grew sweatier and sweatier until they couldn't hold on any longer. The rope slipped under their fingers and they fell straight down into
  • hell. Sure, they hit the concrete first, but they barely noticed the blood splatter onto the crowd as the only part of them that mattered kept falling into the blazing comeuppance
  • hellsbells, I thought as I felt the flames of a billion damned sould sear my face, the screams from the audience was music to my rapidly crisping ears, yes, yes I gurgled as my old
  • high school English teacher tried to correct my grammar of my screams of anguish instead of sympathizing with my plight. I was burning alive, for heavens sake, this was no time to
  • lose my virginity. Can you imagine if


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