The explosion was more of a thud than a bang.

  • The explosion was more of a thud than a bang. The water spouted medium high with abrupt splashing.The big guy was in his underwear, wading into the water. “Getting lunch.........
  • The vacationers in the fair-sized pool stared as he kept muttering about fagioli in swimwear that was clearly just sheer briefs. Because of his cannonball, the water was now knee h
  • igh and rank. Jade--up since before dawn to fly out to this half built hotel with its "fair-sized" pool, jumped in & berated the man in the see-through trunks about his cannonball
  • sized package. There were toddlers in the kiddie pool, and his shameless exhibitionism was inappropriate. "I'm sorry," the man said, "I just can't seem to
  • keep from Riverdancing whenever I'm in a swimming pool!" It wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't brought the Irish Jig Band with him, but there they were, right in the pool with
  • grandma, making out like they were backstage at a Gwar concert. I yelled at grandma in the pool with the Irish Jig Band, "Grannnie, you can't do this! What about your
  • hip?" My grandma's recent hip replacement surgery had gone OK, but with all that jiggling around, I worried she'd lose more than her balance. "My hips don't lie," said Grannie.
  • Indeed they were becoming unglued. The surgeon, Dr. Chyfdshjgjjop, used Alpha glue when he should have used Beta glue. Nona and Squawker recorded it on video, as evidence of fraud.
  • Unfortunately, this was the same mucilage that was used on the fuselage and the whole plane carrying the evidence went down in flames, along with Nona and Squawker. Miraculously,
  • everyone survived, as the nasty-nosed plane was intercepted by trash-pickers for scrap the minute it landed. "Where are we?" Nona asked. The pickers merely said "S'not my problem."


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