Jeff O'Rama, Irish, ex-cop, now PI. Cocktail:

  • Jeff O'Rama, Irish, ex-cop, now PI. Cocktail: Soft White Russian (Milk of Magnesia, vodka). New case: Murder. Cops botched investigation. A woman, a professor, in a purple top coat
  • & a figure like an hourglass, with a sting you never saw coming. Woman are trouble, but an educated Broad? My instinct said no but her looks & the case intrigued me. "Mr. O'Rama,
  • They say you're the best." Hell, with that kind of flattery, how could I say no? "Alright, babe, I'll take the case. Just make sure you lay low and stay outta my way." Then she
  • stared to cry. "I'm sorry" she said, "I'm just so happy you will help me find my cousin again, I was getting so worried. When are you flying to Kyrgyzstan then?" "Wait, WHAT?"
  • In Kyrgyz culture, when someone buys you a plane ticket, it brings serious dishonour on all the family if you don't use it. "Go to Kyrgyzstan!" begged my mum, "find that cousin &
  • discover your true shaman nature! And so I did. I arrived under a gloomy sky, in a dirty post-soviet city. But the Mountain, I felt it the moment I saw it. It was there for me. So
  • I followed my instincts as they guided me towards the mountain. Oblivious to the cold and the storm clouds gathering overhead I climbed until I reached the top. My shaman destiny
  • was soon to become reality. This was the tricky bit. The really tricky bit, trickiness cubed: I jumped as high as I could and reached up for heaven. I tried to grab hold of it and
  • instead, something grabbed hold of me. I was being pulled and pushed through psychedelicly colorful tunnels. This trip was nothing like
  • that family vacation we took to Piccadilly that one summer, but it came to a close second. "Buckaroo Banzai!" I screamed as the 8th Dimension drank me to ribbons.


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  2. SlimWhitman Jun 27 2015 @ 16:53

    Does PurpleProf realize this story is inspired by her?

  3. Scribbly Jun 29 2015 @ 17:29

    I like how Peroonicus' fold still has that private eye monologue feel to it.

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