Arms flailing wildly, he broke the surface.

  • Arms flailing wildly, he broke the surface. Desperately gasping for air he reached out hoping to find something, anything, he could float on. That's when he noticed the
  • beer kegs. He swam and desperately found purchase on the aluminum surface. He seized the rubber tubing and made a make-shift raft. "Party boats suck." he thought.
  • A blow up doll drifted by just out of reach. His makeshift rafts would come apart when he reached out for it. But he didn't know how long he'd be lost at sea, and maybe the doll
  • was stuffed with C rations. I took my jeans off and tied them to the raft. In the water, I could now reach the finger tips of the lost at sea blow up doll. I pulled it onto my raft
  • where it promptly deflated. Man, I just couldn't get a break anywhere. Even the inanimate blow-up dolls of the ocean wouldn't have anything to do with me. Depressed, I
  • put my pants back on and in checked my rations, I didn't have much water left if I didn't find land or boat soon I want die lost at sea with a deflated blow up doll.
  • Suddenly a pirate ship appeared on the horizon. I squinted into the sun, barely able to make out the tattered skull & crossbones flying from the black mast. I waved my arms wildly.
  • The men run up the hill. "Long John Silver, we've been looking for you for so long, where are we?" his men asked. We are on the island from Lost. The pirates pulled out their guns.
  • The pirated shot Long John Silver. "Survival of the fittest," one of the pirated, Lil Pirate John tsked.
  • "Social Darwinism is strong among the pirated." said a raspy voice."Especially in the one called Lil Pirate John" He called his soul to lead the overthrow of the Galactic Republic.


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