I strangled the left neck of poor Gripple,

  • I strangled the left neck of poor Gripple, blood seeped through my fingers. Gripple's eyes were closed, it felt like it was over. Then he shook violently and I was happy that his
  • other two necks were chained to the table otherwise I was done for. The looks on Gripple's faces were in unison. He was undoubtedly angry. I strangled him with renewed vigour,
  • feeling his warm breath, with hints of garlic and toddler dreams, caress my sweating face. This was going to be his final day, not mine. Together we spun around, and hit the
  • slopes. I laughed as he crashed into a tree as I deftly slalomed through the moguls. I wondered what I could buy first with his life insurance. "You're doing great honey!"
  • "Be one with the tree! I mean ski!" The plan was not to let Paul know I was trying to kill him. I knew if he died "accidentally" the money was mine. Paul was trying to get out of
  • marrying me because he was terrified to let me actually see him naked since he has the world's smallest boyhood, err, manhood. However, I would do anything to get that load of c
  • andy in his pocket. Good-n-Plenty. My favorite. Some people marry for money. I marry for candy, so I really didn't care much if he couldn't measure up so to speak. I just wanted
  • his sugar. Slipping up behind him, I reached around & sensuously put my hands in his front pockets. "Whatcha got there for me?" I asked, feeling around. "Twizzlers?"
  • It's a little known fact that the smell of cucumbers and good-n-plenty is a big turn on. I found both in his pocket and knew I'd reached payday. I whispered "Your my Mr. Goodbar
  • I realized it was MY pocket!! The devil grabbed my vest and told me the truth, the answer I'd been seeking from the start. He looked deep into my vibrating eyes and slapped mythigh


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