Just because there's snow on the roof; doesn't

  • Just because there's snow on the roof; doesn't mean there's not a
  • demon jackrabbit hiding up there. I grabbed my
  • self marveling at how the fine piece of gorgeous I fondled could still be single at age 38 and 1/2. I was shocked back into reality as the demon jackrabbit was just about to
  • kick me where it hurt. I couldn't believe that she had turned into a
  • such a scrapper! My god, kicking and scratching like some kind of cage fighter. I had never thought that a person could use their
  • hair to wipe out blood from their eyes and continue to look good like they had just put on some hair gel.Until being hit straight on the nose by un uper.
  • "Fucking Uper's!" she said, whipping her knife around and spraying the excess blood into Paco Uper's eye. Paco's natural dexterity prevented total blindness,but now he was infected
  • with the virus. He had 24 hours to find a cure. She shrieked and flew at him. He swung the flat screen tv and caught her in the face. He bashed her brains in while the weather lady
  • projected that tomorrow would be cloudy with a chance of rain. He paused and realized that he had forgotten his raincoat...
  • So he stole the production managers umbrella "never liked him anyway", he thought stepping onto the gusty street and opened the umbrella. The wind carried him up above manhattan.


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