If I had won the Power ball, I would not

  • If I had won the Power ball, I would not be sitting in class right now. Instead, I would...
  • be chilling in my hot jacuzzi with fistfuls of cash in either hand, or cruising in my sick new Bugatti with strobe light dub wheels. Then Mrs. Jenkins woke me from my reverie and
  • said there was a certain Dr. Peabody to see me. "Bother, I thought. I was so enjoying my rich man fantasy. Not another Doctor." until he ushered her in.
  • She charged at me without further ado, displaying what she had carried in with her: a necrotic lung of a smoker, as well as one of a healthy non-smoker. "This is what your smoking
  • can do to your lungs and THIS!" She paused to lift up her skirt. "This is what happens when you use tobacco smoke as an enema!!" "So," I groped for something to say. "Blowing smo
  • -ke up your ass phrase started with this?" It made a certain kind of sense and the dangers of it were obviously clear as I look at her as she lifted her skirt. I wanted to look
  • away right away but I couldn't. I was mesmerized by the beauty of her hidden flower. But the light changed and I suddenly saw her rumpus was covered in sores and lesions that said
  • "We are the guardians of her hidden flower! If you are to reach it, you must first pass by us!" I was taken aback by the dreadful pus-filled buboes, but could hear her flower sing
  • to me and knew I had to get there. I distracted them by shouting “look over there!”, and, surprised that this worked, made it past them. Her singing hidden flower was within reach!
  • With a final push of adrenaline, I sprinted forward and snatched up the flower. "Sing for me!" I cried. "Feed me, Seymour!" the flower answered. I had made a huge mistake.


  1. LordVacuity Jun 19 2020 @ 15:06

    I'll say you have. Big Mistake.

  2. Woab Jun 22 2020 @ 14:12

    Wow, this story took some hairpin turns.

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