There was only 1 minute left in the soccer

  • There was only 1 minute left in the soccer game. The scores were tied, and i had to score the goal, and
  • i kicked the ball as hard as i could. It would flew across the field and
  • was blocked by the other team
  • -sters. They'd imported them from Jersey. A group of touch customers with scars, bad pasts and finely-honed envy. They blocked it. They blocked it big time. Gummed it up good.
  • Which is really the main reason I hate Jersey. Not New Jersey, they tend to stick to their GTL, or whatever, but Jersey; they have way too much gum, and
  • they always talk in this really weird, biased way. I don't know what it is about them specifically, I just hate Jersey people. I saw one the other day, and it took all I had to
  • stop myself from seeing the bad in them. My new year's resolution was to see the good in people, and let go of grudges. If I was ever going to move forward in my life,
  • it had stop now. The negative vibes tore at my core and tried to pull me back. Jan 2nd, how many days does it take to form a habit? I'll never make it to February! My best
  • shot was trying to make my money last til then. If i couldn't stop being a junkie at least i'd go out in style, with a needle in my arm and the good drug coursing through my veins
  • and damn the people who wanted my loyalty. Oh god. What a good hit. Huagulahglaghaggl. I taste flesh. BRzlslsp. I woke up in a hospice, a doctor prognosticating my certain death.


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