One time I saw Nicki Minaj jogging down Central

  • One time I saw Nicki Minaj jogging down Central Park West.
  • and then she ran into Drake
  • they saw a man.
  • The man had milk and could become strong if he drank it.
  • Then he realized the milk was sour! He imeadiatly spit out the curds and weird yogurty substance.
  • He was about to vomit because of how disgusting and revolting it was. He just wanted to never smell again once he smelled the sour, yogurty milk. Then he realized he had to clean
  • Really its just MILk
  • The shampoo was milk. The disinfectant was milk. The snow was actually frozen milk. Everything stunk of souring milk. Badly.
  • And then he woke up. He couldn't believe that was a dream. It seemed so real! The smell still lingered in the nostrils of his brain. "Only 4:30am?" Sam sighed. However it was only
  • 4:30 am so Sam sighed. He went back to sleep & dreamt some more. This time about a, well, I don't have space to tell you. Perhaps next time.


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