If she'd known she would be dangling like

  • If she'd known she would be dangling like this, she would have worn something different that day. Not that she should be worrying about who could see up her shorts right then, but
  • wearing the pa that said "Saturday" on a Monday could be seen for the ground. The fireman in the cherry picker looked up, "Living for the weekend?" "Just get me down!"
  • So the operator said, "Get Ready." He lowered the fireman in the cherry picker. "Rain drops keep falling on my head." The operator looked up, it was sunny so he said
  • "Okey-dokie." Just then the Crimson Tide came barreling down the highway, driving Model-Ts and waving to passersby. The fireman and the operator stopped what they were doing and
  • hey, what's that sound. A bunch 'a Fighting Irish stood in the way of the Crimson Tide, just 'a Roll Tide'n down the road. The smooth operator turned to the fireman and whispered
  • "I'm actually a plastic surgeon so you can call me 'Boob Operator' rather than 'Smooth Operator'. It sounds the same when Sade sings it". The fireman agreed and poked his hose
  • into a silicone implant "Just like my ex-wife's" he said with a smirk. "Say, couldn't you insulate my body with that stuff? It would be great protection against fire!" And so
  • Silicone Man was born. I tried explaining the negative side effects of having his whole body stuffed with silicone, and that he looked like a human Michelin man. But he had none of
  • good sense that would have saved him. With each silicone injection he ballooned out more. He won Mr. Universe without steroids & became a role model for clean body building, but
  • it turns out there was no prize... no trophy. No nuffin' for his buffy goodness to receive. Therefore, his silicone and "cleanliness" were forgotten. No lesson learned.


  1. SlimWhitman Dec 30 2012 @ 13:03

    Buy eons later when his perfectly preserved body was exhumed, he became a prime specimen in the popular exhibit, "Ancient Aliens from the Galactic Periphery".

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