In the depths of Mt. Krazak, there lived

  • In the depths of Mt. Krazak, there lived an ebony heart that drained the life out of the mountains. It lay beneath the boulders, pulsing and quivering with abhorrent delight.
  • Ten intrepid explorers traveled into the heartless depths of Mt Krazak and emerged blasted out of their skulls. They took teeth to any fresh flesh and passed on the black disease.
  • The infestation propagated from the Royal Geographic Society to central London. Diseased flesh-eaters quickly hit the royal court, causing Queen Victoria to assemble the last line
  • of corgis. Unknown to most Londoners, corgis are actually a magical manifestation of ye old mystical dragons. On the queen's command, they transformed to face the flesh-eating
  • bacteria. The dragons were no match for the flesh-eating bacteria, becoming infected themselves. Their rotting flesh stank terribly. So they shrank down to fire-breathing monocytes
  • The dragon bugs settled in a ganglion near Philomena Cunk's big toe doing battle with bacteria both aerobic and an. She sometimes wondered her shoe emitted tiny flames and roars
  • , but found the nibbling sensations strangely arousing, & her toe getting smaller was like free plastic surgery. Daenerys went ballistic at Drogo for having shrunk the 'kids': "You
  • Nefarious mobster, you!" "I never met Tony Soprano, as you claim." "you met someone like him," Daenerys replied. Being outed as a mobster was a stigma at the time. It meant no one
  • quite believed you when you said you were going to violin lessons and no-one would let you baby sit their horse when they went out of town. Daenerys sighed into his yogurt and
  • focused his telekinetic powers. "Naan shall pass!" Daenerys declared. Mere moments later, he parted yogurt sea. No one else noticed, but he felt proud nonetheless.


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