Why is it that every time I say the word

  • Why is it that every time I say the word "Alfalfa", everyone looks at me like I
  • knocked Darla all by myself. Like how none of my so-called friends were there to help in my hour of need. 37 seconds of need. Spanky was getting spanked. Buckwheat was mastering ci
  • Cinnamon and honey massage therapy. Alfalfa opened a new horse food store, Alfalfa’s Alfalfa. Border patrol agents arrested Stymie traveling abroad with nude photos of Miss Crab
  • being as they say scandalous with Spanky. The agents put the bracelets on Stymie's wrists, and somehow that wasn't what upset him most. He attempted to show them the secret signal
  • which consisted of putting the thumb and forefinger together, splaying out the rest and saying "O-TAY!" But the agents caught on, and Stymie was hauled to jail, leaving Spanky to
  • explain to the rest of the Gang why they would never see Stymie, again. Buckwheat stood, and shouted, "It's O-TAY, Mr. Spanky, it's O-Ta.." Spanky interupted, "Will you please stop
  • feeding the dog so many bones
  • was how I dealt with his tremendous appetite. Bones were cheap, a lot cheaper than feeding him Alpo. After a while I tired of the expense of the bones too. The dog had to go. I
  • bundled him up into the car and began the drive to the pound. He wouldn't stop whimpering. At a set of traffic lights, I turned to look at him. He sat shivering, eyes drooping,
  • drooling on my cashmere cardigan I'd forgotten I had thrown there. "Good boy," I whispered, finally understanding. I whipped my car back around & we went home, together, & forever.


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