"Unfortunately weak 3rd quarter sales mean

  • "Unfortunately weak 3rd quarter sales mean we'll have to cut another 30 or so shifts." I laughed out loud, oblivious. Someone had just posted a zinger on FS.com. "Excuse me, Mr.
  • Faithful, remind me why I keep you." "I manage your fantasy team, tell jokes, and have a dashing mug, boss." "Don't you forget it, Mr. Faithful." The secretary threw herself at Mr.
  • Faithful to see if he really would be faithful. Mr. Faithful wavered momentarily, but held his arm up to ward off the secretary's advances. "You passed the test," she said. "I'm
  • Chinese when it suits me." Mr. Faithful was on to the secretary's lies. When you've done a couple year's in Uncle Sam's army you learn to sniff out a lie easily. But he had to
  • Deal with another Gifolette, who was blissfully unaware she wore Uggs and shorts together. Best to ignore them, he knew. So he let her pass. Some Millennials have a fashion sense
  • so strange that even the 80s would look at it with scorn. As much as I tried, I couldn't help but think. Weren't her legs cold? I mean, they had to be, right?
  • She gave me a stare that must have been as cold as her legs looked and raised an eyebrow. "Why are you staring at me? That's really weird," she said. I looked away, embarrassed.
  • When the ice queen gives me the cold stare, I get the shivers. I wondered if I touched my tongue to per popsickle legs, would
  • it become engulfed in the frigid death grip that consumes when one ponders their mortality. Before I could, her popsicle legs melted to reveal a single joke on the stick:
  • 'Why did the leprechaun iron his four leaf clovers? He wanted to press his luck.' I stared at the remains, and gave an obligatory chuckle. This wasn't funny at all.


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