Rudolph Hess was Hitler's secretary and stood

  • Rudolph Hess was Hitler's secretary and stood by him during the lean years which meant that
  • he was also Hitler's nutritionist. "If you really want to get slim, my Fuehrer," said Hess, "you must lay off the Polish sausage." "Aha! I knew it was the Poles," said Fat Hitler.
  • So Fat Hitler (Fatler?) waddled over to Poland to eat up all their punshki (they spelled it differently, but they spelled it non-phonetically, and thus WRONGLY). Then Fatler ate
  • a whole pan of brownies, a bag of chips and a large diet coke (diet!). Fatler required the Polish to make more of his favorite dishes. He would barely feed them anything while he
  • was high on the chronic. "There is a dark side to the medical marijuana program," thought Fatler's niece. She continued coloring in her Mommy's Rehab coloring book, using indigo to
  • color human skin. "People aren't that color, STUPID!" Her brother yelled. She grimaced and pushed him away. "Not all people," she said, "Only the ones who are going to die."
  • She threw back her head and cackled. Her brother cringed at the sinister look in her eyes and her yellowed teeth and cracked lips. Loaded paintbrush in hand, she reached out
  • and painted a self-portrait that had an eerie resemblance to Van Gogh. "It should be framed!", her brother commented after it was finished. It was a form of folding stories to her,
  • yet she could hot hear her brother's comments since, in the essence of Van Gogh, she had cut off her ear! She grabbed her brush, reached for the royal blue oil paint and
  • painted a masterpiece of time! She looked it up and down, it would seem her powers are far greater than she imagined. She then stepped through the painting to another universe.


  1. gottasmile Mar 07 2016 @ 09:32

    What a great ending to a story that took 5 years to write (fold)! I guess you could say it reached its "MoralEnd" :)

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