It wasn't her personality or politics that

  • It wasn't her personality or politics that he'd grown weary of, it was her accent.
  • She learned English from the Muppet Show. "Good Morning! did you sleep well? Wakka-Wakka-Wakka!" "Here's your coffee MEEEP MEEP MEEP!" "I'll make eggs horde-hor-de-scood-de-doo!"
  • The only english speaking television program available in Latvia was "The Muppet Show". So Ghundiga, along with many others from her town, were taught to speak "mupplish." Sexy, ye
  • t disturbed thought Harry, when Ghundiga greeted him with "Moi has always possessed a charm that is lethal to men." They started dating. Her parent's mupplish dialect was rowlfish
  • so he had to ask Jack Benny to translate everything Ghundiga's parents said. Meaning Harry had to take her out on double dates. Jack missed Rochester & wondered why he wasn't dead.
  • "Pass the raisins? Is that what you said?" Jack Benny was unsure about the passive voice of the word "krapis" and he looked expectantly at Harry, hoping for a little help. Poison
  • Ivy stumbled onto the stage weeping and fell into the comedian's arms. "Mr. Benny," she sobbed,"can you bring Lux back from the Great Beyond?" Jack looked at Harry again. Harry
  • smiled nervously. After all, his resurrection stone was a fake. Jack realised that Harry still didn't know this was only a stage performance. The Weeping Widow began to sing about
  • the whirling dervish of life and how the goyim are forgetting the old ways. Harry strained, veins bulging, as he issued the traditional chant to bring up the golem.
  • Little did Harry know, all his time spent in Texas trying to become a hip hop artist messed with his diction. The chant didn't work, and unfortunately he passed on as a result...


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