Twas the night before the birthing, and all

  • Twas the night before the birthing, and all through the tent, nothing was stirring, not even 50cent. 50Cent was 2busy mixing martinis 2worry about the c section happening 1 tent ov
  • er. Children were nestled all snug in the womb, with visions of birth and very large boobs. Mama in her maternity clothes was making clatter. 50 Cent arose to see whats the matter.
  • Well he didn't rise because he wasn't sleeping, 50 cent was jacked up from drinking Street King. Away to the window he flew like a flash, he didn't want saint Nick to gank his cash
  • So he hid it. Saint Nick arrived as usual and left goodies for the children. Little 50 Cent was squealing with delight when opening the presents, he resembled a sea monkey!
  • But which sea monkey was it that he resembled? Little 50 Cent didn't know and didn't care. He loved the Ball & Hoop that Saint Nick had left him. They would go great with his Log.
  • Li'l 50₵ loved his precious Log. Often he would calculate logarithmic functions with it. Log this, log that. Li'l Fitty knew that logarithmics would be a big part of his future.
  • Sure enough, Li'l 50₵ grew up to be a gastroenterologist. He was highly regarded in his field for accurate colonoscopy readings, but people tended to think that because of his name
  • these accoladed colonoscopies would be a mere fifty cents. But in this economy, a colonoscopy's only fifty cents if you have Lindt's Special Star Insurance, and only twenty people
  • in the county are wealthy enough to pay. For the rest, it was out of reach. Everyone over the age of 50 was forced to find alternative means, which had created a black market for
  • health insurance plans for those over 50. The black market and the insurance market had a lot in common. Our hero, our everyman, bought his health insurance off the black market.


  1. Col.Lingus Nov 09 2022 @ 19:25

    what gives

  2. noah Nov 09 2022 @ 22:25

    Bugs in the machine... Apologies Col.Lingus, looking into it!

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