He did not live long, nor did he prosper.

  • He did not live long, nor did he prosper.
  • He did have a good time though.
  • At least he was smiling smugly.
  • And he was starting to feel all snuggly.
  • He didn't like it. He googled "how to stop feeling all snuggly" (with quotes) & got no results! Is his problem unique? The snuggly feeling was getting worse. He put on wet clothes.
  • But nothing could stop the spread of snugglemania. Everyone snuggled against whatever was handy. Whoever resisted was brought before a snuggling tribunal & subjected to snuggle tor
  • eternity and a day. Snuggle Marathons and the Snuggle Olympics were all a part of the mandatory fun regime of the newly crowned Snugglumpagus and his band of Cuddlers.
  • The monks brewed their special winter brew for the occasion, containing pomegranates and cherries. Legend has it that Louis XIV drank it daily. His Olympians were world champions.
  • They would have been gods, but for the chronic diarrhea. The many frantic sprints for the restroom did make them very fast runners however, and they won many races. Louis XIV
  • tried unsuccessfully to install plumbing at Versailles for the diarrhea-afflicted. It wasn’t until years later that Marie Antoinette offered a solution: “Let them eat Kaopectate!"


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    lol, Tarotguy!

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