Luke was walking down the dark alley home

  • Luke was walking down the dark alley home late at night. He had just came home from a party when a howl of a wolf was heard.Attempting to get home as fast as possible he ran.Then..
  • suddenly he was pounced on from behind! Luke panicked and thrashed out, but it turned out to only be a wolf puppy. He was relieved. But then the puppy transformed into
  • a delicately floating head. One that resembled Luke's hated third grade teacher, Ms. Warrick, with her ruddy cheeks and all-too-precious ringlets. But this ghostly visage was spe
  • Speaking through a straw, attached to a breathalyzer machine rigged to translate gargles to human speech.
  • The effect was interesting but incomprehensible nonetheless. I moved on and found a tree who's veins had been connected to a stereo player. The resulting sound was like
  • Boyzone—sappy and a little bit too old. I covered my ears and focused my thoughts on the task ahead. Tonight I would have to destroy this place before
  • it destroyed the last vestiges of my creativity. I set to work right away & laid a trail of decomposing wood chips from a termite mound in the woods to the Boyzone building's fouda
  • Tion and built a whole new house. I took three deep breaths before each stroke of my silver hammer. The blueprint included folding stories. Each folded line = 1 nail hammered into
  • a dream. But some dreams are too big to get nailed by a single nail. So sometimes I have to use straps and tendons and foibles, my own or somebody else's. Take for instance the 1st
  • story I ever folded. I had big dreams for that story, and thought I'd nailed it. Then I saw my glaring typos in the finished product and wept hot tears of shame. But eh, I lived.


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