As Steve set fire to the only evidence of

  • As Steve set fire to the only evidence of his record setting theft of one full quarter of the worlds oil supply, he wondered if there would be any negative repercussions for his
  • Sadamlike bonfire. The massive oil fire darkened the skies. Steve lived on an artificial island that looked like Prince Di from space. He didn't want the paparazzi satelites to see
  • -d the clouds with Weather Cams so Steve Erwin shot the clouds with Atom-enhancers that made them dissipate. He relaxed on the beach. Steve Jobs took a spot next to him and said
  • "I bet that when this story started, I was still alive." The other Steve was all "Crikey!" and took a bite out of a tomato as the artificial rains fell. The Steves felt soothing
  • Aromas of herbs as the rain fell. The rain came from somewhere other than the sky. The stories were being folded constantly and the wind took them to the next person to fold them.
  • But the folds were getting wet because of the non-sky delivered rain. Then in a hidden room of the great fold hold in folderomnia a young oblate discovered good taste and a means
  • -business attitude was later attributed to him because of that. The young oblate snatched up all of the "good" folds and discarded the rest. The monks asked for his secret
  • password, then emptied his bank account and went to Sao Paulo, where they defrocked themselves and carried on like college students on Spring break. The former monks then got
  • super wasted, and all started praying to the pizza delivery guy, who the monks mistook as their God because they were also high at the time.
  • The monks kneeled down, each placing a slice of pepperoni on the tongue and taking a zip of diet coke. They took the oath, embracing the world, the flesh, and the shuffle dance.


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