Life's too short to give a shit! Life's too

  • Life's too short to give a shit! Life's too short to hear out anyone's complaints about what I'm wearing! So I strip in public and yell, "NUUUDISTOOOO,,, BEEEEAACH!!!"
  • "If life's short, that's all the more reason not to waste it stripping in public," she told me. She paused, then continued, "Even so, your tanning stencil of a longsword is cool
  • ." Filled with existential despair, I pulled my clothes back on and walked away from her. She was right. Life was too short to strip in public, so what could I do? Perhaps I could
  • strip in private. But that's called undressing and doesn't accrue monetary rewards... usually. I got printed off the internet 1000 cards advertising my exclusive undressing session
  • and hung them up locally. I barely kept it together as I saw several of my neighbors take some of the tear-off advertisements for my undressing party ... Ah well, 999 more to go.
  • Wait... no... I had a "senior moment" where I just forgot everything that I needed to remember... What the heck??? An undressing party... what was I thinking of... well I did see..
  • a lot of "senior" people…undressing…in all their pimpled and wrinkly glory…why is it that I don't fully remember? Am I trying to…suppress something? It's blurry…was I drugged…? I…
  • The Chamomile tea? My bingo partner Ethyl had served me it with a wink to calm my nerves when I had 2 three-in-a-rows. Bingo! My hips ache & I've got almond flavored lipstick smear
  • ed all over my depend undergarments. I told them I didn't need to go to a nursing home, I ain't old I tell ya! I ain't old! I stuck another stick of freedent gum into my mouth and
  • swallowed, because I lost all my teeth long ago. "Let me go! Let me GO, you whippersnappers!" I cried, as they drug me away, my orthopedic shoes dragging. So here I am & only 39.


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