Let's just see: Bojangles', Popeye's, KFC,

  • Let's just see: Bojangles', Popeye's, KFC, or coq au vin. Decision, decisions! No, because of all the recent salmonella outbreaks, Sundersen elected to go with aglio i olio pasta.
  • "How wrong can you go with a dish containing only three ingredients?" He thought. "Ofcourse it needs some salt", he absent-mindedly dashed the shaker & rolled the pasta on his fork
  • -lift. "I gotta haul this pasta outta here pronto," he thought. "Chef Boyardee'll be back any minute." But the forklift couldn't top 5 km/h, so his heist hadn't gotten too far when
  • George Clooney showed up and stole my woman from me in like 2 seconds flat. That sucked. I'd worked real hard to be cool to get her, and during a heist George shows up and ganks
  • all of our masks and puts them on at the same time, giggling, "where'd the famous guy go?" Of course where all screaming at Clooney because all the surveillance cameras are running
  • like rivers into the sea, and at that stage of the game, who is surveilling what? But Mr. Clooney took it all in good humor as he demonstrated his microwave omelette gadget for
  • the audience. All he had to do was wait for the cameras to come on then he'd really show 'Sham-Wow Vince' a thing or two about television sales. George Clooney pressed start on the
  • Vibra-pan. "Watch now how the vibration speeds up your cooking." Sadly, he had not read the cautions and poured on a bit of oil. Soon, drops of hot oil were coating the audience.
  • One drop hit a cameraman in the eye, causing him to spill the rest of the oil bottle onto the scalding Vibra-pan. Hot oil showered the audience. A holocaust survivor in the front
  • decided that it would be best for him to move on. He takes a knife and proceeds to cut his jugular, ending his life, then a huge bird swoops down and starts eating his corpse.


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