My full heart bids me boldly sing the horses

  • My full heart bids me boldly sing the horses of the ravisher from Dis and the stars darkened by the shadow of his infernal chariot and the gloomy chambers of the queen of Hell.
  • See from afar rises Renee Hekate with her three heads & with her comes forth Achoo, God of Sneeezes,his great nose crowned with ragweed while phlegm tossed in spray flows in eddies
  • of nasal mist swirled about his holy sinus frontalis. Achoo, God of Sneezes always blasts his devotees with his holy water. It goes out of sight and blesses you with its power.
  • "And yea, ye shall know the faithful by the amount of sputum upon them," Reverend Dristan told the congregation as he passed the tissues around. Sister Mary Nosehair swooned in the
  • nave and was born away by Sir Aflin and his squire Tough Actin Tinactin. His squire was also his foster. Tinactin was from the Johnson and Johnson Islands. Lear had really done an
  • utter number on the picnic's chili, and it was thus that Hemorrhoy Rogers and his Rrhoids Boys showed up. "This ass ain't big enough for the both of us," the Preparation H-inator
  • injected, and a real rager was had. It wasn't the end though, for the P. H.-inator had lost all control: he was enjoying his job too much. It was time to call in The Hand.
  • But, folks were afraid of The Hand, for good reason. This is because the last time The Hand was called in, the
  • Butt got bent over The Knee, and The Hand smacked The Butt mercilessly, causing The Eyes to cry massive tears. It seemed that nothing could be done about The Hand’s abuses, until
  • The Feet stomped all over The Storyline and its demanding Capitalize-Unnecessary-Words-Convention and dismembered-body-part gimmick.


  1. TarotGuy Jan 15 2020 @ 19:42

    I think The Ending is The Bomb! -- The TarotGuy

  2. Woab Jan 17 2020 @ 15:56

    I concur with card-boy.

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