She needed a place to share truthful knowledge,

  • She needed a place to share truthful knowledge, but where. So Kalki headed towards the internet, and started a fold on FoldingStory. Asking for forums and resources, the places p
  • she could go to live new experiences and not being bored in the big city. "A lot to do, but not interesting at all to me", she tought.
  • "Now, a ring that lets you turn people into lizards - THAT's interesting," she thought, as she clicked "Buy Now" on the eBay listing. Two weeks later, the lizard ring arrived in a
  • half-squished cardboard box. She picked up the turning-people-into-lizards ring and frowned at the empty box. It didn't even come with bubble wrap.
  • She decided to turn herself into a lizard using the magic ring, to test it. She immediately regretted this, as the ring no longer fit on her finger once she was transformed.
  • Then she remembered if she said the magic word backwards, she could reverse the spell and wouldn't need the ring! "Maisiam!" she hissed her lizard lips. (That didn't work.)
  • No not backwards the spell had to be said upside down. The lizard witch stood on her head "ɯıɐsɐıW," she whispered. The spell reversed. The world stop sucking out the souls of
  • middle-aged men in grey suits. The change was instant and for the next ten years no man suffered a mid-life crisis again. Everyone was productive and society flourished once again
  • . Except that the men continued to regress & sometime during the 11th year the men regressed to infancy again. Of course the women in the office carried on as usual. Nothing had
  • Changed except that the men wore Google glasses to prevent them from falling off the roof. The gadget police banned such things after 2016. One man died and riots began!


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