"Too Bad." The meter maid ripped off the

  • "Too Bad." The meter maid ripped off the ticket and stuffed it in my mouth. So I
  • bit down hard into my high-fiber lady finger snack. My mouth watered as I
  • chipped a tooth on a hard part. As my tongue began to swell,
  • and bleed. I know better then to chew these
  • shifty looking tires that they keep giving me. They tell me it's to distract me from the pain, but I know better. My friends, they all died because of poisoned tires. I wasn't
  • ready for this. No one was ready for this. Who could be? It makes you wonder
  • what else might be in the cards. How can you be ready for anything? I took a deep breath, pulled on my boots, and turned to
  • the Ace of Clubs. "How dare you bring that kind into our house," I screamed. "The only good that can come of this is
  • if your sister brings in an Ace of Spades!" Only then will we have a full house, but Bob Sagat and John Stamos we are not. We're not even that Joey guy that Alanis Morrisette hates
  • even more than the rest of us. This card game is over. Peace.


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