It was pouring raining and my phone had just

  • It was pouring raining and my phone had just went dead. Lighting struck and the lights in the parking garage went out. I started to turn around when I saw a dark figure start to
  • walk towards me. i was so scared. It was times like this when i wished I had gone with my friends instead of sticking around her by myself. The figure reached in its pocket and
  • i pulled out a flash light and i saw a dog chasing its tail, but someone had taken the dogs tail off,
  • and that is a horrible person
  • when they say that they are your friend but they talk about you behind your back
  • thats when you need to turn around and slap the bejezus outta that ***. No one deserves friends like that but life isnt fair.
  • Whoever gets the highest value Job Card invariably wins, and the Job Card you get is determined solely by luck. There's no skill in this game. Up your ass, Milton Bradley!
  • But then Milton Bradley appeared before him. "Up Your Ass Milton Bradley is the magic phrase. I will now take you to my wacky game factory where incredible Hijinx awaits."
  • Much to the mice's chagrin, Milton Bradley's whimsical factory was not all fun & games. Timid, they sought shade under cherry trees, when one of them spotted a pond of fish nearby.
  • In a frenzy of small chattering rodent teeth the mice leapt on to the hapless fish. It died a gruesome and painful death. The mice, empowered by their blood sport ruled all of us.


  1. Zetawilk May 12 2012 @ 14:18

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hi_Ho!_Cherry-O">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hi_Ho!_Cherry-O I also referenced "Gone Fishin'" by Cardinal Industries, but I can't find a wiki on that, though you can find pictures on Google. I didn't want to post a suspicious-looking URL because it's bad courtesy, but basically a bunch of plastic fish turn around in a circular plate and you have to catch them with magnets. Incidentally, "Milton Bradley" is a company known for their board games.

  2. boldasmold May 13 2012 @ 13:13

    I thought it sounded suspiciously familiar..

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