It was her wedding day.The church and the

  • It was her wedding day.The church and the tables for the reception where both decorated with tulips in every variety available.It was winter,it cost a lot but her mother insisted
  • that anyone who married for love in this day in age deserved a true wedding. Sarah could hardly breathe as she waited in the dressing room. Angry voices rose outside; her dad enter
  • -tained a group of expectant mothers with her dad's whimsical
  • marionette collection...yes, right there in the waiting room at the OB-GYN's office. She was Garfinkling without permission, for the sole purpose of discovering the relationship
  • between the various organs in her abdomen. Why wasn't her appendix speaking to her spleen? Her left kidney - sulking for years. And talk about bitter ovaries. Her OB-GYN pursed her
  • hands as she clasped the microphone and its tendrils, which were octopus-like in nature. They even numbered eight. How amazing can that be? The tendrils talked in Gibberish.
  • The tendrils were made of memory metal and sparked at 110000V. The octopus-like tendrils of her mic stole the show. Shamed she left the stage while the audience threw electric fish
  • at each other, their version of a mosh pit. Gills against gills, they called it. The fish people had a few peculiar habits and cultural oddities. some, more pleasant than others.
  • But the fish people loved their cultural heritage and held a festival every year to honor it. Barefoot Joe's BBQ sold enough dead flies on that day to buy a new aquarium. Even
  • tually, Joe ran out of flypaper. Billions of pissed-off bereaved flies seeking vengeance needed no 2nd invite. His head in the aquarium & feet on the BBQ, Joe died in fire & water.


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