The corner of her mouth curves up slightly

  • The corner of her mouth curves up slightly as she slides her hand over mine. Her hand is warm. My skin tingles where she touches me, sending shivers up my spine and warmth
  • through my soul. She's everything I had ever wanted and more, but I couldn't help but let my mind wander. I've waited for this moment for so long, yet all I could thing about was
  • skittles & coke. I felt the pressure building up & gushed "I bet you like 'splosions huh?". A bit of spittle shot from my lips. Duh! She's the girl of my dreams & I say the stupid
  • -est thing ever. Why did I say that? i am so embarrassed. But then she laughed, oh god her beautiful laugh, her smile then made me feel like it was all okay, like
  • Everything was going to work out between us. As I looked into her eyes, those pearly, white innocent eyes, I felt a harmonic peace overcome me. This feeling, I discovered, was love
  • for dead bodies known as necrophilia. But she was all mine. We planned our wedding in the funeral parlor where we'd first met.
  • And when the priest said "until death do us part," I said, "We're just getting started! Am-I-rite?" It was easy to carry her over the threshold, light as a feather,
  • Then we found cognitive infiltration and it was as if we were playing pokemon go, which we werent! Nonetheless Pikachus and Squirtles were there waiting and we ignored them all.
  • As long as we refused to see what we saw we could go along with the concentration camps, the final solution, the wall against Mexico. That our kids now spoke Russian was a bonus.
  • Late at night they would read to us from great works of Russian literature, which we would then burn in order to keep warm as the nuclear winter dragged on.


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