He told the women that Gabriel had told him

  • He told the women that Gabriel had told him that he was to father the new Messiah. He also told him that the demons also knew and would try to stop him. So he needed to have sex wi
  • th as many women as he could to insure the new Messiah saw the light of day. He was interrupted by a woman in the back who asked, "So being your lover puts us at risk from demon?"
  • The cult leader looked at the VP of Hospitality who could only shrug his shoulders sheepishly and run off to the sideboard. "Yeah," she continued, "I skipped the Kool-Aid".
  • The cult leader cursed under his breath. "You really got me kid." The girl shrugged and started to walk away. But the cult leader chuckled while pulling out a knife. "Nice try."
  • The cult leader expertly carved the roast beast & placed a steaming slice on a plate at the head of the table. Cindy Lou Who smelled the aroma & turned around forgetting vegan vows
  • ate the cult member standing next to her. This made the leader nervous. "You'd best wash him down with some Kool-Aid," he offered Cindy."You first!" she growled, waving the pitcher
  • violently about as it shouted "Kool-Aid wants out of this funky action NOW!". The pitcher broke free from Cindy's grip and ran from the cult compound, sweating profusely. The cult
  • Made their own Gatorade and it had an unusual cherry flavour. It was even funkier than the orange. Now the lemons wanted their turn. Cindy allowed them their turn at being the
  • main ingredient and the resulting lemony Gatorade had a surprising hint of coffee about it. The lemons were delighted, and Cindy realised that this could be her future! A career
  • hawking a fruity coffee sports drink. She realized too late it was marketed wrong. Buyers thought “CoffAde” was cough syrup, but it did nothing for cough and kept you up at night.


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