Five minutes into the day she had that sinking

  • Five minutes into the day she had that sinking feeling. She knew she had hired the wrong person. No more Gen Ys she promised herself. She should have seen it coming when
  • instead of a CV and cover letter she received a link to a Youtube video, set to the soundtrack from The Social Network, featuring her employee dressed in a duck suit and
  • talking about business insurance. Which would have been funny except they worked for State Farm. Suddenly the scene changed and he was wearing a bushy moustache in Poland. Wausau?
  • A hologram of a bad actor with a cheap cigar appeared. Scott Bakula asked, "Who am I?" And the Hologram said, "Uh...let's see, you're Joseph Stalin and this is 1942 and
  • is this that gourmet coffee every ones talking about??? Scott immediatly asked where he can get his tubes tied and the hologram answered, "i bought these at a thrift store for a pi
  • g that lives across the street. Tubes tied? Fuck that, we only do Anal
  • so pregnancy is highly unlikely unless some of the aerial stuff turns her nether regions into some kind of centrifuge with the pressure turning the perineum into a semi-permeable
  • holding cell for foetal implants, with this doctor anything was possible, I had seen the jars with their floating mutants on the way in, even recognised a few from television, but
  • since I only watched C-SPAN call-in shows, that's sadder than it sounds. Meanwhile, the embryonic beings in the holding cell started to move, causing me to
  • rethink the entire night. "Boy, do I wish I hadn't mixed Oreos and jalapeños", he said as he slipped out of consciousness for the final time.


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