"You are my bride and glory," said the necromancer

  • "You are my bride and glory," said the necromancer to the dead body.
  • The necromancer was assisted by Frankenstein, who was the High Priest in the Church of Horror. The dead body became black dust and vanished. "How did you do that?", the necromancer
  • shouted. Frankenstein gave it some thought. "Nnnngghh." The necromancer said, "Oh knock it off. I've been to your library." Frankenstein explained the corpse's strange vanishment
  • by means of pantomime. Bad things happened to mimes who talked, and Frankenstein, new convert, wasn't going to risk his frail, beautiful body near the necromancer. The corpse ran
  • into the baroque, cyllindrical jaundiced head,flappy grey ears, spindly necrotic neck, bulbous right bicep with an anchor tattoo & a fishtail. But soon Frankenstein's monster could
  • not continue his role as Popey the Sailor Man. Olive Oil was starting to look at him funny as he proceeded to push his Spinach aside and then
  • he transformed before her eyes into Popeye Doyle. He connected Mr. French of Family Affair with French Stewart of 3RD Rock From The Sun. It was The French Connection we had been
  • praying for: a gentleman's gentleman and a weird alien in a scratchy sweater. Popeye Doyle took Mr. French and French Stewart out for French fries with French's mustard on them.
  • But when the French kissing commenced Popeye Doyle was out of there faster than the French surrendering. They chased him under the French Station subway tracks through the French Q
  • uesadilla Yurt's drive through window, past the french fried burritos and the France-born-Mexican-raised store manager, across the French riviera and finally, finally, to Toulon.


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