The new trend was to step away from the digital

  • The new trend was to step away from the digital age and embrace the analog. People gave up on CDs and blue-rays and went back to wax cylinders, music boxes and nickelodeons.
  • But then the Amish started teasing them and calling them "Tech Heads." So they had to give up the Analog angle and think of a new way to
  • get online so they could map their GPS-position and get the hell out of there, before the Amish had them Rumphstumping. They built a satellite-receiver from some scrap wood and
  • powered it with a windmill. They locked in on three satellites. The Amish captor would be back before dawn, they only had a few minutes to map their route. State line was 15
  • minutes away, but the Long John Silver's was ten minutes away. The Amish captor was unfamiliar with fast food as well as satellites, but would curiosity of bite-size fish take him?
  • Oh, the dilemma, Lord give me a sign! And just then his glance fell upon a giant billboard: 'AND THE LORD SAID, LET MAN EAT FRIED FISH. LJS now Amish approved! Turn left at next
  • the biggest fish-&-sticks in Alabama! 'Amish in Alabama?' he thought, but all doubts were vanquished when he saw the giant breaded fishsticks. He turned his pickup down a dirt road
  • And wanted to buy some. It was just what he wantec for dinner. His family asked him to buy fish sticks at the store, but he had forgotten, again. They would be furious. What to do?
  • Rather than endure his family's anger, he decided to run away. Yet destiny still tied him to the love ones he left hungry, for he now crawls on his knees before them.
  • There is a moral to this Folding Story somewhere. It is up to you, dear readers, to find it.


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