One day, in the morning, a book was read

  • One day, in the morning, a book was read by me. Suddenly, I was called by my mother and I was distracted by her because she told me that a UFO was fallen from the sky.
  • in the morning she wrote a book telling about her experience with the UFO. When the book was finished by her, my father read it. When I grow up, a book will be written by me tellin
  • That UFO was an imagination by my mum. I love her, but a mental problem was had by her when she was youngest. In the future, at hospital will be came by me. (imen)
  • My mum was crashed by a car when she was going to the hospital and she dead. I was very sad and I didn't do nothing in many monhs. (noel)
  • Now, I have become a survivalist and quietly find out what the Fukushima is going on whilst the sheeple follow the nonsensical stuff on the tellie. I ditched my tellie long ago.
  • They can track you with it.I'm completely off the grid;set up camp in the woods,65ft above the ground.Just a sleeping bag atop an old redwood.I plan my next move,snacking on bugs.
  • The crickets crunch between my teeth as I contemplate my next move. I'm off the grid, but I'll need supplies eventually. Maybe I'll be able to get them without drawing attention to
  • the huge army encampment just over the hill. They aren't hurting anyone. In fact, like me, they are helping to keep the cricket population at manageable levels. The supplies I need
  • can't be bought legally. So, I gotta hunt for my supplies in that other way.
  • I have to grind for them. I searched around with a pickaxe in hand, and I regret that I couldn't help but sigh heavily. It was a bad habit of mine. It wasn't the only one.


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