Before I turned 30 I had one last thing to

  • Before I turned 30 I had one last thing to do. When I turned onto Cottage Lane, the last person I expected to see was
  • Billy Dee Williams. I hadn't ran into Billy Dee in years, but I knew what he was up to here, I'd seen it before when
  • a friend of his had stopped by for help a while back. Billy Dee couldn't even pronounce his name right! So I was ready
  • with the flapjacks bubbling on the griddle and some huevos rancheros. Do I heat up the Vermont Maid or would he take
  • kindly to some Spreadshine butter-flavored product? As I leaned over the table, I saw the grease stain on his shirt from
  • the fifth hot dog he had consumed. It wouldn't be long before he would have to
  • drop the kids off at the pool. He stumbled to the edge of the boardwalk when the urge suddenly hit. If he moved
  • fast enough he could catch the hot lifeguard currently on duty and get a glimpse of some sweet sideboob action. However
  • his excitement soon waned when he realized that male sideboob is not nearly as cool as
  • his new baby boy.


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