Returning, the stream took too long to recall

  • Returning, the stream took too long to recall itself. It had just passed Nostalgia and was approaching the Cliffs of Regret. The Cliffs of Insanity were much more north and in anot
  • part of the biosphere. The weather there was much more volatile while the Cliffs of Regret would best be described as the 2nd Siberian tundra. Nostalgia and Denial were the two mai
  • N ways the idiocrats were outed. By 2020, the fake heroes were outed as well.the cliffs of regret were regularly the scene of bureaucrats' meeting their fate and karma. Helplessly
  • hopelessly and certainly lost to the void." "Really? That's interesting. But are things really so terrible?" "Meh." "I always say look on the bright side of life..."
  • He turned to the left and was instantly blinded. "Argh! It's the bright side of life!" he groaned. "I'm telling you! You have to find the right balance between light and dark!" his
  • tanning advisor impuned."How can I get back my tangerine sheen Dan? Made me look healthy. Don't wanta age in office, bad idea!" Dan the man had a plan. Oakridge had an old reactor
  • and he figured if he just set it on low, that'd probably be just the trick to soak through the Orange Overlord's toughened hide and tan Him up real nice. Dan had the O.O. lie down
  • on the sunbed nude and serene. The heat pulsed through his skin. Dan the Orange Overlord soon fell asleep. The machine did not. I cooked him up to a ripe red.
  • Any longer and it would have been a tie with the Crimson King, who does not like to be imitated. When Dan was done, the machine dinged. The door opened. Out stepped the overlord
  • in sumptuous pink crepe de chine cut on the bias to give a generous swing to accompany his swagger which is what all en vogue overlords are wearing this season.


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