I cannot believe

  • I cannot believe
  • Its already time to choose a Halloween costume. I may dress up as the politician I despise most. It really does not matter because I am too young to vote. The upside-down universe
  • I live in makes me wonder if I'm having a nightmare. If I dress as Hillary for Halloween, I'll have to wear heels. If I dress as trump, I might get eggs thrown at me. Or worse.
  • Foreign policy textbooks. Conflicted over which 2016 presidential candidate to impersonate on Halloween, I settled instead to dress up as Gerald Ford.
  • Ghouls and ghosties gasped as they saw my aquline profile, my piercing gaze, my bulging biceps. I was a beautiful Gerald Ford. Householders chucked fistfulls of sweets into my pum
  • -ped up jaws in hopes of favors. But I, Mega-Gerald-Ford grant no favors except that of gazing upon my chistled physique. Plus, my muscles are so tight I can't move, but that's
  • an occupational hazard I'm willing to accept.As I stare out across the strait of Mackinaw with my polished looks, smooth brow & never closing crystal blue eyes, I, Mega-Gerald-Ford
  • vow to be the Michigan Loon par excellence. As both the Michigan Loon and Mega-Gerald-Ford I was able to bridge the gap that had lay between those that felt the ends justified the
  • means and those that were excellent fishers with wonderful plumage. People came from all over to thank part of me for its service. Sometimes the michigan loon side, sometimes the M
  • artian landing site, it all depended on who showed up that day. Most of the time people just wanted a glimpse of the duck-faced Martian. I got better tips when I waddled.


  1. LordVacuity Jan 09 2018 @ 15:21

    Once again Gerald Ford falls between the cracks of the history books. Luckily, I managed to get one of his loon feathers. I keep it in the same curio cabinet in which I keep my piece of Noah's skateboard and the finger that fingered Freddie.

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