why do monsters hide under my bed?

  • why do monsters hide under my bed?
  • And every time I take a peak at them, they vanish into thin air ! I thought they liked me. I thought they hid their because it made them feel safe. I thought monsters loved me.
  • I thought we had a love that wasn't ordinary. I thought those monsters took my love and gave theirs in return. But I was wrong.
  • The monsters only observed my love, taking notes for research purposes. The love they showed me, I later discovered, was actually behavior intended to terrify and psychologically
  • tickle my flipperswats. The monsters tried to convince me that all families are messed up. They tried to normalize their scaring me all the time.
  • They had been part of MK Ultra and knew they had only the red pills. The side effects were horrible, but they knew no other way of life. Their families were destroyed already.
  • There was one hope, however. A lone child ran in every night, stealing pills and modifying them every night, toiling under the hot Nigerian sun, working to remove the side effects
  • every night. But the child stopped one day, and looked shocked. How can the sun be out at night? In Nigeria? The child came to the conclusion that he had had too many pills,
  • and lied down, the mysterious sun glaring through his window. Itwas gettinget harder and harder to beleive the number was up in the middle of the night so he got up and went outsid
  • his makeshift cardboard house. That same day, well into the night, several neighboring hobos rose from their huts and joined him to stargaze and tell stories around the campfire.


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