"What have I done?" as I stood over the dead

  • "What have I done?" as I stood over the dead body of my friend. What have I done I repeated in mind shocked at the scene in front of me. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder
  • it was a Hand of Cards that had just been passed down by the dead guy.
  • "Come on" he said.
  • Although fearful, the girl decides to accompany the mysterious man with the inviting speech.
  • As soon as she takes the first steps, she suddenly finds herself in complete darkness. The mysterious man had vanished, and around her, nothing. Suddenly, a familiar sound
  • echoes in the room. Her ringtone! She tries to wake up but something is pressing against her chest. She hopes that it's just her cat.
  • its a gun firing at her pussy
  • "Now to see if it has legs."
  • They lifted the floor length dress carefully, one fold at a time. By the time they got to where the knees should have, the hourglass in the corner was nearly exhausted, one last
  • grain suspended in the air for a moment, and then exploding, taking with it the men and the one in the long dress. Now nobody would ever learn the secret of the one in the dress.


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