He was a sheep in wolfs clothing, running

  • He was a sheep in wolfs clothing, running with the pack, howling at the gibbous moon. He'd managed to avoid sniffing butts up to now & If he could just get close to the alpha male
  • wolf, he could secure the trust of the pack. It was difficult to keep up pretending to be a wolf, as being a sheep in reality, his instincts told him to escape. But he had a missio
  • n to accomplish. The sheep junta had nominated him to infiltrate the wolf pack, to learn its weaknesses and be free of them forever. When he first joined the wolf pack he needed to
  • Learn how to howl at the moon. Howlin' Wolf was passing by, singing "I'm The Wolf", and joined the wolf pack. The sheep junta had lost one of their musicians to the wolf pack!
  • "Have a seizure! Have a seizure! Have a seizure!," he kept repeating at the wolf pack but they couldn't buck the pack. None of them. With no seizures to show the sheep junta, she
  • suggested that they all play 'Rock, Paper, Seizures' to decide who would lead the wolf pack. Hazel quickly discovered that 'Seizures' always wins over 'Rock' and 'Paper' and soon
  • Hazel was declared winner. She ruled over the wolf pack with an iron fist (or claw, rather).
  • But she knew her victory wasn't destined to last. Hazel's pack despised her for the color of her skin, and a coup was bound to happen soon.
  • Hazel acted, having her skin chemically treated so its color was that of her pack. Walking among them, Hazel paused to let them look. Cole sneered. “You’re still a twerp, Hazel!"
  • “Oh, sure, Cole, you go ahead and make fun of ole Hazel, but nobody can take away my Emmy and my Tony and my Oscar. Not you or Mr. B. Not Mrs. B; not even little Sport. None-ya!”


  1. SlimWhitman Jun 09 2019 @ 17:22

    Hazel deserved that Emmy, taking on the role of wolf when your a sheep, overcoming your fear and convincing the pack. What an amazing performance, say all the academy sheeple...

  2. LordVacuity Jun 09 2019 @ 18:40

    Her mistake was going native.

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