One day, while a fine young man who went

  • One day, while a fine young man who went by the name Nick was sitting cross-legged atop a large oval pillar
  • another dastardly young man named Nock sat atop a large hexagonal pillar in a parallel dimension. An enormous solar flare caused Nick and Nock to swap dimensions. When Nick looked
  • up Nock looked down. Nick nocked as Nock nicked, nocking Nick's nicking nock at Nock's nicked nock nick. Nevertheless, Nick and Nock were still inter-dimensional dastards!
  • Being in a Dr. Seuss story was making my brain go brainy! Nick and Nock knocked around until Nick sent a secret message to Dr. Seuss himself. "Please use rhymes only when I
  • am taking a bath." Dr. Seuss read the request that guffawed in his ale. "What a twerp" he sighed and relaxed into his recliner. He could take the whole next 6 months off and travel
  • to Palm Beach while his this scab Seuss writers hatched out a story. "Just make it rhyme and use the vocabulary of a 3 year old." He yelled. Hung up , then ordered Deviled Green Eg
  • gs and Kosher Ham (how's that for a contradiction) to be brought to his room. His best friend's wife's younger sister was still asleep in the bathtub. He wondered when she'd leave.
  • I'd eaten an entire jar of pickled okra and my bowels were on the verge of bursting at the seams if I didn't get the boiling hot mess of salty brine inside of my stomach out of me
  • quick. I made a lame excuse and left my date sitting by the window while I rushed to the bathroom. I was just a few steps off when I started retching the contents of my stomach out
  • onto the floor, which included my old laptop! So that's where that went! My sleep-eating habit could be really problematic sometimes.


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