For the past month, Billy has had it with

  • For the past month, Billy has had it with boring days. Everyday he would do the same thing all the time. Once Billy got home he turned on the T.V. and a man on screen said to him
  • get up and do something with your life, find a job or go hang out with your friends
  • . People these days are being lazy. Life is short, so get a life. This world has more to explore than just sitting at home and do nothing. You gain more experience when you
  • read a book and educate yourself. Practicing something always makes it better. For example, if you practice soccer you'll get better. If you don't practice and try something then
  • you'll never acheive the proper skill potential that you always dreamed about. Or if you don't like reading you could always try this thing i heard about, i think it was called
  • laxing, lacrosse, what ever you call it, you know it is the best sport in the world. But, you may not like lacrosse, and if you don't you know that you are most likely a
  • a pink elaphent who doesnt own a proton plus head with a katana shaft and that you dont know how to craddle properly
  • lolwot?
  • umad ? haha
  • "Of course I'm mad! I'm a cosmic being stuck on a backward planet full of crazy people! How could that not ruffle my wa? This world is not at peace, but that day will come."


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