"Out out damn spot", she cried out helplessly

  • "Out out damn spot", she cried out helplessly

  • But Spot the dalmation did not want to go out. He'd heard thunder rumbling in the distance. Although he was fierce as a firefighter's dog, he was fearful of storms. His owner

  • , Amy, named him after spots of pee he left in the carpet on stormy nights. When she covered them with the sofa, Spot saw this as a territorial power play. Fearful but prideful, he

  • lied like the dickens. Lied his bloody arse off. He said, "You know, I'm not really territorial person at all." Spot said to her. But the hair on his back stood up and twinged.

  • Spot, Queenie drawled, you pee on 8 different things in 2 minutes then look me in the eye and claim that you're non territorial. Admiting that you have a problem is the first step

  • to recovering my furniture. Quit peeing on things." "This won't help you in our divorce. Fine then I get half of everything." he took out a chainsaw and cut everything in half.

  • Then he put out the fire with gasoline and joined the cat people. His fur coat was white with black spots and black tail. He strutted his stuff and nobody knew him anymore. Thus

  • it was that he found out that being Cats people took a hell of a lot of commitment He had to always be ready to pounce or claw his way through the scene to get to that sidewalk jus

  • -t in front of the pet store, so he could coo over the kittens in the front window, even though they had been rolling about in their own diarrhea. So he decided to go into the

  • kitten wash business. He had little kitten sized car washes built. Diarrhea covered kittens would scamper in one end, out the other squeaky clean. He became richer than Zuckerberg.



  1. Woab Jan 12 2018 @ 13:31

    Gibber, that kitten washing idea should be a franchise.

  2. Gibber Jan 12 2018 @ 15:58

    I don't know if it would work in real life.

  3. SlimWhitman Jan 12 2018 @ 17:40

    "Mewl." What's that, a tribble?

  4. Woab Jan 12 2018 @ 17:45

    Oh, the tribble-ulations! Are you saying, Slim, that the kitten-washer is spitting out tribbles?

  5. LordVacuity Jan 12 2018 @ 18:13

    Tribbles are but a trifle to his true tribe, the Righteous.

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