What is the end game of Evil? Once Good is

  • What is the end game of Evil? Once Good is destroyed what will Evil do? Where does Evil see itself in 5 years? Has Evil considered the Balkans? In what light does Evil shine bright
  • est? Satan pondered these questions aboard his dark steed. Granted they were academic, to say the least, considering he was fleeing an invasion of Hell by the Forces of Heaven, who
  • were being led by General George Armstrong Custer. From his seat in Diablo One, Satan could only imagine how Archangel Michael was responding to having to takes orders from a robot
  • with a sordid past/future like Custer. Satan imagined it was eating Michael from the inside; working its way out and leaving nothing but numbness behind. Without his fire, Michael
  • would be freed from the sentient tapeworms populating his small intestines. He was conflicted.
  • He took a cardboard tube and spoke to his belly. "Um.. guys? You can eat what you like but can you like, not kill me?" The tapeworms replied, "Hmm.. We must discuss this at forum."
  • Please copy your fold: The tape worms decided to feast on his lunch while discussing in the intestine board about the deal. A living host they could stay in forever. But
  • a dead host only until equilibrium was reached. It was important to keep the site alive with many entertaining stories even as the tape worms minced grammar & the intestinal folds
  • made the plots hard to follow. Even though the tape worms' colloquialisms were confusing (at best), they had a certain flair for Gonzo drama and the sudden inclusion of
  • Predictive astrology which Gonzo was an expert at. Sadly, Gonzo was able to predict his own death, to the exact day and the mysterious illness that led to it. His legend lives on.


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    Heyyyyyyyyyyy. That doesn't seem like something I'd write. But I wouldn't put it past me..

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