i grabbed the rake and whipped it across

  • i grabbed the rake and whipped it across the baby's face. Well it didn't stop crying. The door opened and in ran
  • the little demon's mother, clawing at me with all her might. The baby let out a mighty roar and suddenly I felt the weight of a thousand stones in my hands. It was too late now.
  • Too late to perform the excercism. So I threw the big chair in the demon's direction, using th etemporary distraction as a way to escape. As if planned the getaway driver pulled up
  • to the bank with his large pillow with a green dollar sign on it. The demon was not happy, so it took the tossed chair and sat down. It wanted to talk about how it
  • so obsessed with being unhappy. The plastic chair had begun to melt a bit. The demon took out a small book and spoke several minutes in demonic before it began to chuckle.
  • The solution was so simple it was funny. He would have seen it right away if he hadn't been
  • three quarters of the way through a lid of Peruvian Pale. The solution. Yes. All he had to do was... What? What? It had been right there and now it was a hole in his mind. He
  • had it! Yes! All he had to do was, uhm, ah. Dang! There it went again. He looked around, losing interest in the mental strain. Hey, there's still 1/4 lid of Peruvian and I know jus
  • t waiting for us behind the till. Ginger and I explored the backside and found what we were looking for. You don't want to know what it is, but I'll still tell you that it was an
  • olde silver sixpence,a tanner, ½ shilling, ¼ florin! Waxing nostalgic for predecimal times, we put it in the christmas pudding. It was the last time Granddad got lucky.


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